The Final Painting

Artwork For Meditation

The tears between the organic forms of uneven clusters in the concave façade of the black, cubic socket, shine a bluish light. Under the fundamental black material, the thorny constellation of the artificial core, emotionally spills over.

The energetic portal of the forgotten forest affirms our presence, with human eyes we observe the raw substance, the final image, the prophetic call for the end of an epoch too-long. There is no going back to the past, the unstoppable organism reproduces its own reality; a cluster of free information and uncontrollable posts in which the existentialist being of possibility cannot survive easily. 

Mijić’s mystical web of emptiness on the surface of a black box, reflects the root tragedy of the human nature, a burn-out that seeks the path towards the source of light in the algorithms of dataism. It spreads through the negative of the corpus, it pulses with the tissue of uneven lines and longs for the separation from the opposite.

The final image becomes the allegory of humanism; I am, the one who stands in front, and we are alone on the other side of the rift- infinite, constant, from the outside in, and vice versa.

To free the spirit in front of a work of art, strengthens the power of control over fear from reduction to the information through which outside influences burden us. The challenge of preserving humanism and free will is the basic task of every human being; love, friendship, patience in relationships and the ability to give something up versus the coldness and fear of closeness.

Without backlight

Artwork for MeditationThe Final Painting

With backlight