fra Vendelin Karačić / Illustrated by Josip Mijić​


In most of the texts that deal with the theme of paradise, everything takes place in the established order and rhythm. In his verses, fra Vendelin inserts the oxymoron of “confusion” and, with the asymmetry of the rhyme, breaks the stereotypes about paradise and offers an entirely new and honest image, seen through the eyes of a child and the righteous. Following fra Vendelin’s verses, Josip creates heavenly ambiences that perfectly illustrate poetry, subtly following its rhythm, mood and drama. With pointillist points, he creates unreal, floating surroundings of paradise that are completely stable in their character, regardless of the sfumatic, blurred contours. Puppet threads hold the clouds, sympathetically alluding to the presence of a Creator who keeps all the strings in his hands, governs everything, infusing the necessary dose of security. The filminess and scenic nature of the illustrations are noticeable, and they can adapt to the medium of puppet theatre and animated film.